Wedding in Pesaro, Le Marche, Italy

Marche. Land of little hills, green fields, and dream beaches. It has been a crossroads of history, traditions, and culture, which is what makes an authentic “Italian style”. Villa Caprile is one of the places that best expresses this treasure. The building dates back to 1940 and it originally was a noble family summer mansion, deep in the green countryside and, at the same time, a few steps from the sea.

Here, in this fabulous location, Andrea and Svetlana celebrated one of the most romantic weddings. The ceremony, held in the Duomo, was the “appetizer” of a memorable day, that reached its peak with the reception. Here, among sumptuous gardens, breath-taking views terraces, aromatic essences, and magnificent architectures, the two spouses revealed all the strength and beauty of their love.

An impeccable wedding, perfect in every detail: outfits, arrangements, vibe. Villa Caprile was an extraordinary location for an extraordinary couple, and we are so grateful for being allowed to narrate the priceless beauty of true love, once more.

Svetlana and Andrea
Ph: Romina Costantino
Celebration: Duomo of Pesaro
Venue: Villa Caprile