Wedding in Ragusa Ibla

Camemi Castle’s stone walls have been smoothened by the flowing of time. It is in this location, a medieval fortress in the earth of the Sicilian countryside, that Maria and Christopher decided to swear eternal love to each other.

She is Peruvian, he is Australian, they both live in England and they are so much in love as they were one. Their “big day” has the colours of the olive trees and the charm of the typical Sicilian landscape. The ceremony was held at another memorable location: the wonderful gardens of Ragusa Ibla Convent. The kiss after saying “I do” is a triumph of emotions: friends and relatives from all over the world were there to celebrate with the couple, ready to fire up the Sicilian night.

Unrestrained dances, hugs, and laughs: the party is a kaleidoscope of colours, sounds, joy, and glee. Maria and Cristopher culminated their dream celebration with a finale of fireworks, offering us a memorable love lesson.

Maria and Christopher

Ph: Romina Costantino
Wp: Wedding Sicily
Celebration: Convento (Ragusa Ibla) Sicily
Wedding Venue: Castello Camemi