Wedding in Siracusa, Sicily

A wedding in Siracusa is just like a dream. Especially if it’s the place where you and your love grew up.  «We chose Siracusa because it’s where Ale spent his childhood», Valentina, the bride, told us. It’s here that, since the beginning of their love story, they used to stroll around, «getting lost through the old alleys, the white stone walls, and the sea».

Is there a better location than the Duomo, then, for the wedding of this fantastic couple? «The religious ceremony had to be the main moment of the day – the bride explained -, that’s why we decided that our marriage had to be celebrated by a priest to whom we are very attached, and who has been knowing us since years».

At that point, to complete the fairy-tale, they needed the perfect location for the reception. «We saw many venues, but none of them looked right», Valentina told us. Until, together with Alessandro, they went to see Castello del Solacium: «we fell in love with it! ».

However, the real star of the day was Love: the life-giving force linking past, present, and leading the two spouses towards a bright future. Together.

Valentina e Alessandro
Ph: Romina Costantino (
Wp: Noiduewedding
Celebration: Duomo di Siracusa
Wedding Venue: Castello del Solacium
Catering: Squiseating Banqueting