Wedding at White Steps, Sicily

Aurora and Gaetano

Between Realmonte and Porto Empedocle, in Sicily, there is the Scala dei Turchi, a rock wall overlooking the sea. Here, in this place of extraordinary beauty, where earth and sky come together in a timeless embrace, Aurora and Gaetano have celebrated their wedding.

Beautiful and in love, the two celebrated their union with friends and relatives. From the setting of the tables to the decorations to the portraits of the ceremony: every detail was simply perfect, sober and romantic like these two guys, who have never stopped looking for each other, with the complicity that only the lovers have.

The cut of the cake and a toast and here they are on the track, ready to joyfully inaugurate the first day of their life together.


Photographer: Romina Costantino
Videographer: Fabrizio Soldano
Venue: Madison Banqueting, Scala dei Turchi (Sicily)
Make up Artist: Lelle Morelli