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Wedding Photographer Romina Costantino

I’m a wedding photographer based in Italy. I create wedding reportage in Sicily (Taormina, Syracuse), Tuscany (Florence, Chianti, Siena), Rome, Como Lake, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Puglia, Venice and many more exclusive locations.

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Photography is a passion for me, which I live and breathe. I always have the insistent desire to explore new ways of photographing, trying to capture the fleeting moments that surround the unforgettable moment of an emotion. Photography has changed my perception of the world. My eyes are constantly attracted to light and how it blends with people and spaces. My photos tell about authentic, natural and finest moments that move rare and precious emotions.

Romina Costantino

I love taking amazing pictures that will leave you speechless. Tell unique stories, with grace and spontaneity, materializing emotions with lights, colors and moments.