Wedding in Pesaro, Le Marche, Italy

The Marche region. Land of delicate slopes, green plains, dream beaches. Crossroads of history, traditions and culture that are pure “Italian style”. Villa Caprile is one of the places that best expresses this wealth. A 1640 building, a noble summer residence, immersed in the green countryside of Pesaro, but not far from the sea.

Here, in this fairytale place, Andrea and Svetlana celebrated one of the most romantic marriages imaginable. The ceremony, in the Duomo, was the starter of a memorable day, culminating precisely with the reception. Here, among sumptuous gardens, terraces with breathtaking views, aromatic essences and beautiful architecture to take your breath away, the two spouses have witnessed all the strength and beauty of their love.

An impeccable wedding in every detail. From clothes, to music, to installations, to vibrations. Villa Caprile, magnificent; but even more magnificent, Andrea and Svetlana, who have allowed us to tell once again the priceless beauty of true love.

Svetlana and Andrea
Ph: Romina Costantino
Celebration: Duomo of Pesaro
Venue: Villa Caprile