Persian Wedding in Sicily

Alessandra and Ehssan had a goal for their wedding in Italy: to enhance the Persian wedding traditions by including them in a modern-taste ceremony. We can say it: mission accomplished!

Villa del Poggio Mulara, synthesis of the ancient fiefs that for centuries have enriched the province of Caltanissetta, has proved to be the perfect location. Throughout the day, the quiet and the beauty of the Sicilian landscape have harmonized perfectly with the colors and traditions of a culture rich in charm like the Persian.

Our greatest pleasure was to attend the tender duets between Alessandra and Ehssan, who, with the tender madness of love, have infected friends and relatives, thus creating an unrepeatable atmosphere. It is thanks to weddings like this, full of affection, beauty, fun, that we love our work. Telling beautiful and colorful stories like that of Alessandra and Ehssan is the greatest pleasure!

Alessandra and Ehssan
Ph: Romina Costantino (
Celebration and Wedding Venue: Resort “Del Poggio” (Agrigento)