French Wedding in Taormina

Veronica and Julien have chosen a lovely place to celebrate their wedding in Taormina, Sicily. Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay is the location chosen by this wonderful couple. Etna at sunset, a light kiss, a walk hand in hand through the streets: happiness is a simple matter, and Veronica and Julien know it. They know that love is a long way to go in two. But they also know that the real things are the most important, and that beauty is all around us.

Listening to their story, we immediately understood that their wedding would be unforgettable. Sicily was the perfect location: here the two met and got engaged. Nowhere else could a new stage of their life together begin.

The ceremony took place in the Church of the Varò. Veronica and Julien, surrounded by the dearest loved ones, sealed their union with a “yes” and a kiss. Soon after, a walk through the streets of the city center: beautiful and romantic, Taormina, with its colors, its ancient perfumes and the warmth that emanates from every street.

At the Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay, the reception was marked by an exclusive and elegant atmosphere, just like the couple. An incredible day: impossible for us to resist the pleasure of telling it in every little detail!

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Veronica and Julien
Ph: Romina Costantino (
Celebration: Chiesa del Varò
Wedding Venue: Grand Hotel Atlantis Bay