Wedding in Syracuse, Sicily

A wedding in Syracuse is a dream. Above all if it is the land that has seen you grow and that has seen love grow. “We chose Syracuse because it is the place where Ale lived as a child”, says the bride, Valentina. It is here that, from the beginning of their history, the two went for a walk, “getting lost among the streets rich in history, the white stone and the sea”.

So what better location of the cathedral of Syracuse for the wedding of this fantastic couple? “The religious celebration should have been the central point of the day – the bride goes on – and for this reason we strongly wanted our wedding to be celebrated by a priest who we were very attached to and who had known us for years”.

At that point, to complete the story, only the perfect location for the reception was missing. “We had seen various places, but no one seemed right,” confides Valentina. As long as he and Alessandro went to visit the Castello del Solacium: “we fell in love with it!”

But the real protagonist of the day was only one: him, love. The vital force that oscillates between past and present and that has laid a bridge for the bright future of these two boys. Together.

Valentina e Alessandro
Ph: Romina Costantino (
Wp: Noiduewedding
Celebration: Duomo di Siracusa
Wedding Venue: Castello del Solacium
Catering: Squiseating Banqueting