Destination Wedding Photographer in Sicily

A destination wedding in Sicily will truly be something special. As special as the spouses who choose this amazing destination. You know… Sicily is something special.

This is Sicily…

Some of the greatest writers were born in Sicily and have written about love: Writers like Camilleri, Pirandello, Sciascia, Guttuso… Their descriptions are wonderful, of course.

“Compared to nature, people are even more complex and varied. The beauty of Sicily is the daily discovery of always different Sicilians. To close the Sicilian in the role of tangentially upset is a big mistake. Of course, there is a Sicilian of this type but there is also the blood of thirteen dominations. I believe that today, we Sicilians have the intelligence and richness of the multicultural, their liveliness and wit.”
Andrea Camilleri

Wedding Film in Palermo, Sicily

As Italians, we are especially proud to work in Italy. We both love what we do. We travel everywhere in Sicily to capture the most beautiful weddings. Sicily is a dreamy region, with luxuriant nature, good food, filled by art and history.

We believe our job is to capture and create memories.

We are an exclusive Photo & Films Studio, and We limit the number of weddings that we take on each year to ensure that dedication that we give to you exceeds both your requirements and expectations in every way. We would love to hear from you.

Get in touch today and follow us on Instagram, we hope to be part of your special day.

Fabrizio Soldano and Romina Costantino