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Fabrizio and Romina Luxury Wedding Photographers, specialized in Destination Weddings, are partners not only in life, but also in business. They have been sharing special moments around the globe with brides and grooms for the last 10 years. Their expertise has been published in several magazines like Chic and Stylish Weddings, Bridal Musings, Wedding Chicks, as well as several international wedding blogs.

Their combined talents create unique visual memoirs that will last a life time. They are the perfect recipe for expressing the visuals you seek with their extensive experience and their distinctive artistic vision. Making it a day that will live on forever.

They fuel and refresh their creative expression through travel. It is because of this time together, and exploration around the globe, that enables them to grow as people and as professionals. Their voyages together include various destinations like The United States, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Bali, China, The United Kingdom and the list goes on.

“You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography to all the places you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” -Ansel Adams


Romina Costantino

Italian Destination Wedding Photographer

She’s born and raised in beautiful Sicily. A concrete dreamer with a creative soul, Romina is an explorer who looks at the world through her lenses and translates what she sees into timeless pictures. She loves to discover new landscapes, cultures, and above all, connecting with people. Being inspired by the extraordinary colors of our world is her preferred activity – which is second to her passion for photography. The three main elements she looks for through her lens is; finding the right light, composition, and capturing the perfect moment. Her aim is to capture raw emotions as they happen, a blend of happiness, romance, and timeless elegance.

Romina Costantino is a Member of WPJA

The WPJA is the most important Professional Organization, based in USA, composed of Photojournalists and Wedding Photographers from around the world.


Fabrizio Soldano

Italian Destination Wedding Videographer

He’s born in Milan and raised in wonderful Sicily. His creative goal is to capture his clients in their truest state and form, as beautiful brides and handsome grooms. He aims to capture all the significant moments on their special day, and thanks to him, his clients will always remember. For Fabrizio, every wedding is a new journey celebrating love and life and opportunity to keep learning and growing as a professional and human being. For him, it is the most fulfilling job and it shows in his passion, creativity, and end result. From start to finish in his films, he focuses on the love felt on that special day.

Fabrizio Soldano is a member of WEWA Pro

The WEWA is the most important Worldwide Wedding Videographers Association


Both huge food and travel lovers, we spent most of our free time travelling, eating out and finding people fascinating. We’ve fallen in love with New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, London and Paris, and plan to fall in love with many more cities along the way. Always looking for the next adventure.

Just to get a chance to travel the World as a Destination Wedding Photographer and Videographer and experiencing new places and cultures really is a dream come true.

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